Why am I doing this?

As argued in my other post, I have had multiple encounters in which my own perception of my communication and behavior was not aligned with other peoples perception. Since I want to know when other people dislike parts of my communication or behavior to change them for the better I have decided to set up an anonymous feedback system.

Some expectations

I think nearly all feedback is valuable. So I want to encourage you to leave some even if you might think it’s only minor. However, I want to list some guidelines that I think make the process easier.

  • If possible be constructive, i.e. suggest how you would want me to change such that the experience improves. If you do not have a suggestion don’t worry, showing the existence of a problem is already valuable.
  • Only say something if you actually mean it. From experience, I know that people sometimes say something mostly to have said something, especially if a question is then answered and one can “tick that mental box”. If, for example, you cannot find something that you feel is positive about my communication, just leave the box empty.
  • Detail is very useful. “I feel like you are a robot when talking to me, please be more human” might be a correct assessment of my communication but it is hard for me to exactly understand the problem. Something like “I have not felt taken seriously in conversations when I thought my point was valuable” helps me way more. Additional information about the specific situation helps but to some extend breaches anonymity. If I can infer who gave that feedback don’t worry, I do not have a blacklist. Also, I would be thankful if you approached me in person to give me feedback, so there is no danger in doing the same online.

Here is the link: FEEDBACK LINK

One last note:

If you have any feedback regarding anything (i.e. layout or opinions) please tell me in a constructive manner via your preferred means of communication.