What is the Opinions blog about?

Context about the motivations and strategic choices for the Opinions part of the blog

How much animal suffering is there?

A back-of-the-envelope attempt to quantify animal suffering caused by human consumption

How much (physical) human suffering is there?

A back-of-the-envelope attempt to quantify human suffering

A history of changing my view

A list of beliefs that I changed over the last couple of years

Efficient Speaking

Some observations on how to make sure that what you say is being heard

Efficient Adjudication Techniques

This is summary/illustration for a workshop given by Sella Nevo

Probabilistische Jurierung: Die Kurzfassung

Probabilistic Adjudication: An overview

Probabilistic Adjudication: Part I - one argument

Probabilistic Adjudication: Part II - Interaction

Probabilistic Adjudication: Part III - clashes and metrics

The reproducibility crisis in Machine Learning

A reproducibility ML journal

Anonymous Feedback for me

The case for more direct communication

The Case against an animal-based diet

Effective Altruism and me

Recommended Books, Podcasts and Media