What is the Opinions blog about?

Context about the motivations and strategic choices for the Opinions part of the blog

Culture matters because of Game Theory

Culture in the group mentality sense, not the Mozart and Pyramids sense!

The Case for Nudging

Oh yes Uncle Sam, I love it when you nudge me hard to lead a better life!

Second-Hand Clothes: Is it net beneficial to donate?

Are you destroying the local economy or helping people in need?

How much free speech is optimal?

What does good discourse look like? What can you do to improve your conversations? Who should be canceled and when?

How much animal suffering is there?

A back-of-the-envelope attempt to quantify animal suffering caused by human consumption

How much (physical) human suffering is there?

A back-of-the-envelope attempt to quantify human suffering

A history of changing my view

A list of beliefs that I changed over the last couple of years

Efficient Speaking

Some observations on how to make sure that what you say is being heard

Efficient Adjudication Techniques

This is summary/illustration for a workshop given by Sella Nevo

Probabilistische Jurierung: Die Kurzfassung

Probabilistic Adjudication: An overview

Probabilistic Adjudication: Part I - one argument

Probabilistic Adjudication: Part II - Interaction

Probabilistic Adjudication: Part III - clashes and metrics

The reproducibility crisis in Machine Learning

A reproducibility ML journal

Anonymous Feedback for me

The case for more direct communication

The Case against an animal-based diet

Effective Altruism and me

Recommended Books, Podcasts and Media