Honest thoughts of the first author

Brief summary of my takeaways from my little social experiment

The Laplace Bridge for Bayesian Neural Networks

Easy-to-understand summary of our paper: Fast Predictive Uncertainty for Classification with Bayesian Deep Networks (Updated in 2022)

Laplace Matching for Generalized Linear Models

Easy-to-understand summary of my first Ph.D. paper

A (visual) Tutorial on Exponential Families

With focus on Machine Learning

Change of variable for PDFs

A simple visual tutorial

Sums and products of random variables vs. probability density functions

A tutorial in pictures

Sequence Classification using Ensembles of Recurrent Generative Expert Modules

Easy-to-understand summary of a paper that we published at ESANN2020

Inverse Classification using GANs

A summary of exploratory work on the usage of GANs for Inverse Classification

The reproducibility crisis in Machine Learning

A reproducibility ML journal

Using the Scattering Transform for Object Detection

This post is a summary of my second bachelor thesis (Computer Science)

Inverse Classification using Generative Models

This post is a summary of my first bachelor thesis (Cognitive Science)